It’s me

IMG20180422134519_mh1527269161907People usually don’t know me. That’s a fact. It may be because I myself find it difficult to even understand myself. It may sound funny but it’s true. I’m usually not a talkative person. I spent most of the time, be it with my family or with my friends, almost silent for much of the time. It’s been there with me ever since I was a kid. My father used to say that even as a kid, I was unusually quite, full of shyness. Whenever someone offers a chocolate or something I always used to lower my head whereas my twin brother would grab it gratefully. That was what my parents told me. I guess I really was shy during those days. I hid. I hid my feelings just to appear strong but that doesn’t work all the time.

Even now, I’m still the same. Nothing has changed. Not even a little bit. A change can be a bit difficult than we think it is. I can see it for myself. People most probably find me boring and uninteresting somehow. I don’t blame them. It’s my fault after all. I wish I can learn how to talk more or become more communicative than before just to ensure that I don’t struggle later in the near future. Honestly I don’t want to suffer because of my lack of socialising ability.

You may not believe it when I say I find it extremely difficult to express my emotions and feelings but it’s one of my characters which I totally despise. You see, normally we show concerns and worries when someone we are close with is in trouble. But that doesn’t happen with me.Call me inhumane, I deserve it somehow. Yes I know what it’s like to be sick. What it’s like to be rejected. What it’s like to be in trouble. But whenever I see my friends or my family members in such conditions, I barely show those expected reactions. It’s not that I don’t feel it, it’s just that I find it hard to express. Deep down I feel things just the same things you feel but when it comes to expressing it outo infront of them, I can hardly do that. I’m really poor in doing such things. I loath myself sometimes for being this kind of a selfish person no one can ever imagine.

I try to speak a lot but I can do it only when I’m alone. Funny isn’t it?
I have gotten used to staying alone that it doesn’t really matter if there’s someone listening to what I’m saying . To be precise, I’m such a pathetic person you know. It hurts though. But then then life has been always like that, to everyone. I’m not bragging here. Everyone has a story to tell,mine happens to be discomforting one.

At first glance people normally find me rather as a cruel person. The reason is obvious though. You may encounter me someday, somewhere. If you happen to see a quite girl who appears to look lost, who seems to be enjoying all by herself, who doesn’t really look around for someone to talk to, then that’s probably going to be none other than myself. Only then will you come to know how terrible I’m in real. I’m not really criticising myself. I would never do that. I know what it’s like to be me and right now I just wanted to blurt it out. I don’t have a friend with whom I’m most comfortable to share things and the only friend whom I’m comfortable with is far away form me. Ahh now let’s not get too lengthy. I’m signing up finally.


Our happiness: BTS

People will probably think we’re being childish when we are all head over heels in love with BTS. But there’s nothing to be shameful of showing our love and affection to the deserving ones and that include BTS. Now you’re probably wondering what I’m really pondering about especially those who are not really into kpops and all. Well let me clarify one thing; I’m just sharing opinions on behalf of all the armys out there.

We are just a small bunch of individuals calling ourselves Bhutanese armys and the world may not even realise that we do exist. If only to see our seven members of BTS gaining popularity all over the world. True they are miles apart from us. But distance has never been an issue for us and despite being very far, we’re always connected. Whether you believe it or not.

Maybe you’re one of those fans waiting for their idols’ birthdays to come and when the day finally comes, you can see various fan post all over the social medias. They did those things even after knowing that BTS may not even get the chance to see those posts, forget about reading them. Such loyal fans exist. You may think they’re kinda strange. You’re right though. Fans are always strange. They appear strange. They do strange things. But all in all they are just fans waiting for a miracle to happen so that they can finally get to see their idols.

Your idols may not be there always for you. That’s impossible. But they are our emotional guidance. How? Their musics are their way of showing love to their fans. Our support is our way of showing love for our idols. Isn’t this kind of a relationship sweet?

Drifted apart by distance but connected by music. Our gallery is almost always filled with photos of our bias. Strange? But true. We aren’t familiar with their native language but we spent hours practising the lyrics. We celebrate their achievements as if it’s our greatest achievement.we spent our time listening to their musics and wondering if those songs were dedicated to us. We have crazy dreams like taking selfies with them or maybe their autographs.

All the time when BTS is awarded with musics awards, all they say is” thank you armys. We love you.” No wonder they are loved by their fans.

If you’re one of those crazy fans, you’ll definitely know what it’s like to be a fan.

Unbreakable love

Well I was returning home from school when I encountered a very unusual thing on the way.

I was walking slowly and a father,a mother along with their three little daughters were walking ahead of me. Something about them intrigued me but I couldn’t really figure it out what it was.

After a while, the youngest daughter’s slipper got torn. Her father who was walking a little behind her offered his pair of old slippers which he was wearing. I stopped walking. I didn’t want to miss that wonderful scene. It was quite disheartening at the same time. They seemed really poor but they seemed happy on the other hand. The youngest daughter then happily walked again. Her father walked barefoot. My heart shook a bit seeing him walk in such a condition. They walked silently for few minutes. The second daughter noticed her father and she quickly removed her school shoes and gave it to her sister. And the young daughter in turn returned her father’s slippers. And now the second sister walked without any shoes.

I wanted to ask them if we happened to live nearby but I didn’t. Maybe because I couldn’t. But then I realised one thing: they may be poor but the kind of love and affection they have for each other is unbreakable.

Taking the life of an innocent being

You’re living a life protected by your loved ones. Even if you’re not protected you can still protect yourself. But I’m asking people what about the animals? They do have loved ones but they cannot always protect them. From whom? From people like us who don’t seem to know that even animals who cannot speak, want happiness and peace within themselves. They want to live without the fear of being killed or tortured by humans. We’re civilised enough to know that. But then who seems to care about animals nowadays?

Imagine a life were you are raised only to get slaughtered by that very own person. Imagine you’re brought to a house where you’re given all the love and care, only to be kicked out few years later when you get old or sick. Imagine being tortured when all you did was asked for some food to eat. Imagine getting burned with hot water by people who took pleasure in torturing you. Imagine being in a state where you are left without any food bacause you lived in streets. Imagine working in the field for many years only to be killed by your so-called owner because you are not strong enough to work anymore. Imagine all these things and think if you would ever feel like living a life when you’re faced with such circumstances. You’ll definitely give up, won’t you? You’ll and I know that. This is why we shouldn’t be the reason why innocent beings are suffering. We’re taught to be kind but do we actually do it practically? No we don’t.

Aren’t we guilty?

We live in an age where we cannot even trust our own blood, forget about trusting society. We can no longer walk the street because you never know what will happen to you. People scare you or rather you are scared of them. Everyone is waiting for a chance to succeed in their life even if it means bringing someone else down. No one really cares if you’re hurt or broken and even if they do notice they’re just too busy to even care.

We often hear people saying the word “forever” to their loved ones and yet they take it very lightly. As if they don’t know the literal meaning of the very word “forever”

. Breaking promises and cheating on others are more like saying ” I’m kidding. I won’t do it next time.” It’s as if we consider life as some sort of a game.

Aren’t we guilty enough to know that we are losing all these things which we are not supposed to lose?

Dog: Man’s best friend

Ever wondered why dogs are known as man’s best friend? You did right? I did too. And now when I hear stories, real life stories about dogs I’m beginning to know the reason behind the question “why”. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it? To know that even if the whole world is filled with people who betray you, there will be always a friend who wouldn’t do such things to you; dog.

Sometimes I wish the world would be so much better if one allows it to be better. Wouldn’t it be so much fun if you could spent time with dogs who loves you with all its heart. Without even a bit of hesitation. When I was a kid I always wanted a dog. I even suggested my Dad to buy one. And then he said something that really changed the way I thought about buying dogs. He said, “why don’t you adopt dogs instead of buying a new one. They are all looking for a shelter.”

So the next time I came back home from school, I brought with me a group of puppies who happened to have abandoned by its previous owner. Whoever the owner was, he definitely must have been a cruel person. Honestly a compassionate person would never do that. And I’m not saying I was completely compassionate when I took them with me. To their new home.

Fortunately my brother loved puppies so we eagerly took them with us. When we reached home, you should have seen my father’s expression. He wasn’t exactly angry nor glad. I guess he was too shocked at that time. He stayed like that, wearing that same expression on his face for a while. Suddenly he laughed looking at the puppies who were all taken aback as I was.

” I just can’t believe you brought this puppies,” he chuckled under his breath. ” since you’re the one who brought them, you better take care of them.”

” Does that mean “yes”?” I asked, finally glad my mission was accomplished. Adopting a bunch of puppies along with their mother dog wasn’t really easy at first. I had to feed them daily on time or else they bark like anything. At least my brother helped me with the work. My dad? He watched me and my brother as we grow with the little puppies. I still remember the time when I had scars on my hands from playing too much the dogs. But I dint mind it at all. They made my life so much fun and I’ll be always grateful to them. Eternally.

And that’s how I learnt the true beauty of friendship between man and his dog.